Wednesday, February 23, 2011

iWork from the Cloud

This week I spend many hours in airports and on planes due to mechanical issues and weather issues in the upper Midwest. So, I thought I would catch up on my magazines. While reading the February issue of the popular British mag MacUser(on my iPad) I came across this article. The article describes how to use, DropDav, a Mac and an iPad to sync wirelessly iWork docs and presentations.

I had seen the "Copy from WebDav" option in the iPad app versions of Numbers, Pages, and Keynote, but didn't really know what it was or how to use it. Now, after reading this article I know the whats and hows of using DropDav and a free DropBox account to sync my iWork docs, spreadsheets and presentations to my iPad. The lights goes on in head.

This is a really great way to keep my iWork life in sync with my iPad. Since I tend to like iWork better then MS Office this was a nice little find while swearing under my breath at my airlines for all the delays.

Take a moment to check out the article, it my be freeing.

Page 80 of MacUser
(Article from MacUser and writer Tom Gorham)

Apple Confirms March 2nd Media Event

Well, it is official. Apple has confirmed a March 2nd Media event! If Apple follows previous release patterns, this event should bring an iPad 2, new MacBook Pro's and most likely some software advances.

Follow @iturfapps for further updates!

Tips for Google Docs Power Users

Despite my jump to mobility via iPad, iPhone and Cloud services, I haven't been able to take the plunge to Google Docs. It is just my opinion, but it is similar to when the Macintosh first arrived. Although a fantastic and powerful computer, it was hard to work with others because of compatibility. In today's 24 hour work day, things need to be smooth and fast. With the cloud services that are available for mobile computing, I have stuck with Microsoft Office for wordprocessing and spreadsheet documents.

I have found more and more people moving to Google Docs. For those that are diehard fans of Google as I am of Apple, Google Docs is right up your alley. I think Google Docs has a lot of potential, just not a whole lot of people utilizing it yet. For those of you who do utilize Google Docs, here are 20 Power Tips.

Google Docs Secrets: 20 Power Tips

Superintendent Photographers

I have tried to get into photography, after all, we Superintendents provide the product and backdrop for some fabulous pictures. With two boys and other hobbies, I have only brought myself to buy a small digital camera, enough to document my career. For you Superintendents and hardcore photographers, the article below was written by Derrick Story from MacWorld.

For 6 weeks Derrick packed his new MacBook Air and Camera and traveled by land, air and sea. As he states in the article "And when the dust settled. I liked the Air more than ever."

Field Testing the MacBook Air for Photographers - Derrick Story, MacWorld


Yes, I have officially launched an iTurf Apps Twitter account (@iturfapps). I am still working on fine tuning exactly what will be provided by this twitter account. I will be personally tweeting from this account, but the majority of the tweets will be from some of the top technology bloggers discussing everything from new apps, new hardware/software to the tech rumor mill. Not all of the information will be about turf tech, but I can ensure you, most of the information can be integrated into both your professional and personal lives.

Bob and I continue to receive emails, tweets and other connections from people at the GIS show in Orlando. This is very exciting and we are glad to help everyone. We are working on a few upgrades to the blog and hopefully will have them live shortly.

Friday, February 18, 2011

iTurf Apps gets registered domain

iTurf Apps has really proven to be a blog people are looking for in the turfgrass industry. The Orlando GIS show was fantastic and the blog is getting a lot of questions about utilizing some new hardware purchased by users, after the show. Again, we are glad to help.

I wanted to protect the blog and also have plans to expand, so the first step was getting iTurf Apps it's own domain. This morning I registered Whether using the new address or old, you can still access the same great site.

I am in the very beginning stages of expanding this blog, but it is important it is done right. Look forward to our continued success.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sony Bloggie Software now on Mac!!

I previewed the Sony Bloggie for the GCSAA Test Drive Tech Lab during the GIS 2011 show in Orlando. During the review, the software that accompanies the Bloggie to allow the Bloggie to upload your tagged photos and videos to Social Media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, was only available for the PC. A few days ago, Sony released a Mac version.

During my review I utilized the new iPhoto, which works much like the Sony software only with much greater capabilities. iPhoto will connect directly to your Bloggie and when photos and videos are uploaded, the new features of iPhoto allow you to share your media across the same Social Media sites. As a loyal user to iPhoto, I don't see a need to utilize both the Sony bloggie software and iPhoto. If you are not wanting to shell out the cost for Apple's iLife suite, the Bloggie software for Bloggie owners is a great alternative.

Mac version of Bloggie Software

AT&T offering free 1000 rollover minutes

On the heals of the Verizon iPhone release, AT&T is doing everything they can to keep customers happy! I found this a few days ago and didn't believe it, but it works!! Simply text "yes" to 11113020 and you will receive a text back from AT&T confirming they are processing your free 1000 rollover minutes.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AT&T vs Verizon iPhone...Apple's Comparison

It appears Apple snuck out a comparison chart last week of the difference between each companies iPhones. The biggest reason for needing changes is because each utilize a sufferer type of network. This is not just AT&T vs Verizon, it is GSM vs CDMA. A different radio is needed for each of these to work. Below is the link to the chart.

Apple Comparison of iPhones

Google Calendar and your iOS device

Although competitors, Apple and Google have been very cooperative and have not isolated each others consumer base when it comes to their services. In the past it wasn't the easiest to marry your Goolge service to your iOS device, but it has come a long way. If any of you utilize a Google account (contacts, email and calendar) below is an article from google that will help you integrate your google calendar with your iPhone or iPad. If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

One very important piece of information, if you utilize more than one google calendar, you must go the route of CalDAV and not Exchange. You can use one Exchange account for a calendar, but any other calendars must be setup via CalDAV.

Google Calendar setup via Exchange

Google Calendar setup via CalDAV

Golf Industry Show 2011 Orlando

I wanted to say thank you to all I met last week during the Orlando Golf Industry Show. Although I do have Analytics to track my blog traffic, I was taken back by the amount of Superintendents in the industry and who attended the GIS show that regularly follow the blog! Thank you! Wednesday night was fantastic and a big thank you to @JohnKaminski and @Aquatrols for getting our Tweetup together. I have heard some rumblings for the tweetup next year, could be trouble!!

Many of you may know that myself and Bob Porter, fellow Superintendent, conducted an iphone/ipad talk at the Tech booth during GIS. Following the presentation, several people continued conversations with us and exchanged information. I personally gave some other talks on utilizing iPhoto and iMovie as well as conducted a Q&A on integrating some of the fantastic tools we have available to us now. I too, had several follow up conversations and exchanged contact information. Well, the emails and phone calls have started coming in, and we are glad to help. I will begin posting some answers to some common questions as well as posting some information I fell appropriate, for any of you after the show that ran out and got an iphone or ipad.

Again, thank you all for following and it was great meeting some of you!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dolly Drive- Cloud Storage for Time Machine

I was scanning thru all the new Apple, iPad, iPhone wears from Macworld 2011and came across a article about Dolly Drive. After seeing the words "Cloud Storage for Time Machine" I had to read on.

Dolly Drive was debuted at Macworld 2011.  This service offers Cloud Storage backup for MacOSx Time Machine.  Dolly Drive was designed for and is exclusive to Time machine.  The software takes over the management of Time Machine backups.  Dolly Drive one ups the current Time Machine software by providing an Inclusion Assistant to help you decide what files are to be backed up.

In addition Dolly Drive can also create a bootable clone of your hard drive to an external hard drive.  This clone is not stored on the cloud.  So, while having the cloud back up you now also can  have a bootable drive in case of an emergency.

The service is also secure.  Their website states  "By default Dolly Drive authenticates your sessions starting with your credentials. The Dolly Drive app also encrypts all data from the moment you use the app."

Data Transmission over secure tunnel.
Dolly Drive transmits all data through a secure Tunnel. In simple terms, your data travels from your computer through a virtual “tunnel” across the internet to Dolly Drive’s cloud centers. The data is scrambled during transmission, ensuring that it cannot be viewed or accessed by outside eyes. The entire data transfer is completely safe, so you can feel free to relax when you see Dolly in action. Your data is being sent as safely as possible. (taken from DollyDrive site)
In a couple days I am traveling for 2wks.  I will be attending GIS 2011 and then on to my parents for a week.  So, I thought I would try the service out.  I installed the Doll Drive app on my 2010 MacBook Air.  It took about 20min or so to perform the backup.  I currently have about 60GB on my Air hard drive.  It took about the same time to create the clone drive.  I am going to try the service for at least a month and see how it works,

This service seemed like a perfect fit for any traveler and/or MacBook user.  The freedom to not really have to carry an external hard drive and plug it in for a Time Machine backup.  I use a couple flash drives for extra storage, so I don't want to carry around a hard drive.  Now anytime I am connected to the internet Dolly Drive can be backing me up. 

Here are the costs

Quick Start

Not sure how much storage you need? 250 gigabytes is perfect for getting started and having plenty of room to grow. Plus we add 5 GBs each month free - the equivalent of 1200 new songs. (Trust us, that's a lot of storage!). For most people, this will keep you plenty covered.

$10 per month      250Gb + Reward

Custom Choice
Know exactly how much you need? Choose exactly how much storage you know you need.  Add on later if you want.  With 5 GB reward every month, your digital life might get bigger, but your monthly cost shouldn't.

$5.00 per month      50GB + Reward
$7.50 per month      100GB + Reward

Friday, February 4, 2011

Update GIS 2011 iPhone App

If you haven't downloaded the GIS 2011 iPhone App....DO IT NOW! The beauty of this app is that every time you open the app, it will update itself. This morning I opened the app for the first time in about a week and there were plenty of fantastic updates.

Under the "More" tab at the bottom, they have added "Local Places" This gives a categorical list of entertainment and food from Steakhouses to Comedy Clubs! GREAT addition!

Under the same menu (More), they have also listed "Downloads". You will have the ability to download information from vendors during the trade show directly from your phone. These docs will go to your downloads folder. No more carrying around 10lbs worth of paper.

One other great feature is the "Friends" section. This seems to work somewhat similar to Twitter/Bump combined. When you meet a fellow colleague, open this app to the "Friends" portion and hit the plus button. When doing so a menu will slide from the bottom. Select "Request a Code" This will provide you with a 6 digit pin to give to your colleague. You can now follow what your "friend" is doing during the show.

The Maps section is also slowly adding new features as well.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quickoffice Teases Additional Document Sharing Services for iPad

Quickoffice Teases Additional Document Sharing Services For iPad
The Quickoffice development team has been hard at work over the past couple of months, especially on the iPad version of Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite, and it looks as if that will continue throughout 2011. During our recent trip to Macworld, the team was able to show off some of the new document sharing services that they will be adding to Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad.
As its name alludes, Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite isn’t just about document editing and creation. Sure, it supports a wide variety of document formats, but where it really sets itself apart from the pack is with its ‘Connect’ partners. The app already allows you to save and share your documents through a variety of cloud services, like, Google Docs, Huddle, MobileMe, Dropbox, and SugarSync, but the company is looking to expand their lineup even further.
The next update to Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad will feature integration with real-time collaboration services, offering a new way to quickly share important documents with your coworkers. The new services will include Scribd, SlideShare, and Docstoc. You will be able to upload files to these new services using a simple drag and drop system, just like you are already able to with the current set of cloud-based services.
The update will hopefully be available in the near future, and we will be sure to let you know when it hits the App Store.
Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad is available in the App Store for $14.99.

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