Monday, October 25, 2010

GIS Show gets iPhone App

Thats right...the GIS Show has its' own iPhone app! I have downloaded this app this morning and started browsing. This looks like the beginning of something really great for all us Cyber Supers. Here are some things you are able to do and most importantly....NO NEED TO HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION!

This app is loaded with features and by the looks of things, there will be plenty of updates to come to make this even better before the show. When you first open the app you want to setup your profile but hitting the preference button at the top right. Enter all your information in, especially any of your social networking info.

The feature I like best, is the show floor map tab. No more carrying the big broshure map with you. When you click on the tab, a map of the show floor is on your phone. You can zoom like normal on the phone to get a closer view of a specific booth. Click on the booth and you have all the vendor information you need. You can even add an appointment to remember to visit that booth.

Don't want to search by booth, click on the exhibitor tab at the bottom and you can search by specific exhibitor or by category. Again, once you have clicked on an exhibitor, you have all their information. You have the ability to set an appointment for yourself to visit(this does not go to the company), you can also create a note for yourself. The note feature is really fantastic! From the dashboard screen, if you click on the preference tab at the top, you have the ability to email yourself any and all notes you create in this app.

Once you have found a booth or exhibitor, you can make them a favorite by selecting the star at the top of the screen. This will highlight that booth on your map.

Another great feature is in the more tabs. Not sure what classes you want to take or you want to hear a specific speaker, you have the ability to search by speaker or events. When you find an event you want to attend, you select the star at the top of the screen and this automatcially adds this event to your calendar. May be you have attended a specific event in the past and thought it was something other people should attend, you can rate an event as well.

The calendar tab keeps track of your entire week. You have the ability to add your own appointments for the week by simply pressing the + sign at the top of the screen.

Once you begin filling your week up, move to the dashboard tab, this will list all your appointments on one screen in chronological order.

As an avid iPhone user and seeing some other features in this app that haven't yet been utilized to my knowledge, there are probably many updates to come. One inparticular is push notifications. As you will see when you first open the app, it prompts you to allow for push notifications. This is probably a feature down the road that will be utilized. Download this app now in the app store "GIS 2011".

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Back to Mac" Event

Apple is holding "Back to Mac" Event today. 12pm central

Rumor is new MacBook Air, iLife11, and more.

Personally I am hoping for a new group of feature updates to iLife. Specifically iWeb. I have a couple iWeb sites in the works, but need to make them better.

I know what I am doing at lunch time.

- Posted from iPhone

Sunday, October 17, 2010

HP ePrint Printers

I picked up one of the new HP ePrint machines yesterday. They allow you to wirelessly print from anywhere in the world that you have an Internet connection.

Maybe you have forms or documents you frequently print? Just transfer(wireless by the way) them and store to HP's iPrint app(free in the App store) on you iPhone or iPad and print away.

The printer has it's own unique email address, so you can email PDF, text documents and photos to the printer.

You can also scan items wirelessly to the iPrint app as well.

This printer might just get me to the point of only bringing my iPad to work. I don't think I have logged into my work pc in about 4-5 days. My iPhone and iPad do just fine.

- Posted from my iPad

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Golf Course Superintendent using Evernote Video

I tried to post this video in the previous post. For some reason it would not work. So, here is a short screen cast of the Evernote Desktop version on a MAc.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Golf Course Superintendent using Evernote

What is Evernote and how do I use it, you ask?

Evernote allows you to as their website describes it "Remember Everything- Capture Anything, Access Everywhere, and Find Things Fast".

Evernote is available for many different devices iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows mobile, and others. I use it on my iMac, Macbook, iPad and iPhone4. I know I'm an Apple geek.

You start by creating an Evernote account online. First download the Evernote desktop version, Mac or PC. Then just establish a simple login and password. Now download the the Web Clipper tool. This little tool integrates into your favorite web browser.

The Clipper tool allows you to clip text, images, or an entire website. Using the clipper tool is very easy. Just drag and highlight the area you wish to clip. Once highlighted you can resize the clip and hit return. The clip then populates a new note. This tool is one of the main reasons I love Evernote while browsing the web.

Evernote uses sychronization with your online account. They offer a free or paid account. The free version allows 40mb per month of upload. The free version limits the uploads to audio, images, ink, and PDF. While the paid version runs $5/month or $45/year and no sync restrictions, and allows 500mb per month upload.


Capture Everything- the format dose not matter:

You can save documents, emails, images, and webpages. In addition, you can take pictures of business cards, written notes, white boards, items in a store, and many others. Then just add those pictures to your notebooks. You can also text yourself right to your account.

I use the photo feature almost everyday. I don't have a scanner at work, so I use my iPhone to take a picture of invoices using the DocScanner app and then upload it right to Evernote. All my golf course invoices are stored in a notebook and are tagged by the PO number. I have also used photo notes while shopping for a particular item from store to store.

Notes Automatically Index and Organize

One of Evernote's best features is how simple it organizes your notes. It doesn't matter what format the note is in. The software recognizes hand writing and digital text. So in other words the software will organize and/or index the note based on any words contained within. That makes it super simple to search all your notes.


Trunk is Evernote's version of an app store so to speak. The Trunk holds links and descriptions of apps that are compatible with Evernote. Some apps are mobile versions and some are desktop. There is also info on services and hardware that upload to Evernote. Such as document scanning services.

Screen Shots iPad
- Notebooks Views

-All Note View

- Compose Note View

iPhone Screen Shots
- Home Screen
* Notice the Voice note. This is great as you are driving around the golf course to record thoughts.

- All Notes View

I encourage everyone to give Evernote a try. I think you will find it very useful.

- Posted from my iPad

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